Sunday School Classes

  • The Children's Class

    The kids in this class experience the Bible in many different ways. Kids who join in, will SEE and HEAR and DO the Gospel as they learn about their faith. As a result, the Bible story and its meaning for them will stay with them for life. 

  • The Youth Class

    The youth gather to examine the latest music, movies, news, and current events through a Biblical lens. We engage the youth with a topic that they understand and is relevant to their world. Then, we take them deeper into the Scriptures, equipping them to evaluate their culture with a Biblical perspective. 

  • The Carol Mennella Class

    This class of men and women gathers each week to explore the truths of Scripture and how it relates to the world in which we live. They typically chose a topic to study short term (between 8 and 10 weeks), and they rotate teachers. This group is active across the life of the church and is involved in various community outreach events and missional opportunities.  

  • The G-Force Class

    This is a mixed-age class of men and women who understand the importance of continued spiritual growth.  Their studies are Scripture-based and designed to generate life application discussion and encourage true discipleship.  Lively discussion and much laugher is always heard from this group, whose outreach and mission-minded thinking encourages them to take what they have learned into the world.  

  • The June Williams Class

    This class is made up of a group of adults who are young at heart and passionate for Jesus! They dive into the Scripture each week, and seek ways to apply it to make our world a better place.